Amanda HansenAmanda Hansen


Mandy is a neuro-affirming, trauma-informed psychologist who is passionate about helping people explore difficulties and enact positive change. She approaches therapy from a position of warmth, empathy, and collaboration. Mandy strives to make the therapeutic space comfortable for each of her clients and feels privileged to share in people’s journey of self-awareness and healing.

Mandy has worked in clinical private practice settings since 2011 with a focus on assisting individuals overcome trauma and emotional suffering. Mandy has immersed herself in learning about neurodivergence, specifically Autism and ADHD, and is committed to providing a safe and validating space for her clients to explore possible neurodivergence. Mandy also provides formal assessments for Autism for those that would like to engage in this process.

Mandy is a STAP trained and board-approved supervisor and provides supervision to Psychologists looking for some guidance around working with Autistic and/or ADHD clients, as well as complex trauma and dissociation.

Brisbane Harmony Centre

In 2018, I cofounded the Brisbane Harmony Centre with fellow psychologists Dr Catherine Hynes and Ainsley Salsbury. Our aim has been to establish a Centre built on a solid foundation of shared values, including:

  • Treating people with empathy, compassion and respect (always);
  • Applying the most proven and effective therapeutic techniques;
  • Curiousity and openness to new insights and understandings;
  • Working together with others to achieve better outcomes and solutions;
  • Ensuring the highest standards of responsibility for good, safe, well-handled outcomes; and
  • Being true to ourselves and our values.